How to scale your solo ad campaigns

Scaling with solo ads can be a great marketing strategy as email marketing is on the rise in 2019 and that enables you to build your email list in no time. With solo ads, you’d usually pay on a per click/ppc basis and the vendor will send out an email to their subscribers promoting your product. You want to collect the visitors’ email address with a landing page so they get in your email list and you can always followup with them later.

To break even on the ad spend, it’s highly recommended once they opt into your list, send them to a bridge page and pre-sell with a low ticket offer. That way they get to know your product better and when you follow up with them with your autoresponder service, they’ll have a slight idea of what you’re talking. Start out with a low ticket $7-47 offer. Give tons of value and once they trust you more, they are more likely to purchase high ticket products from you. Focus on solving problems and on promoting high quality products.

Start out with a 200/300 click test run with the solo ads provider – keep testing till you have a proven system in place (autoresponder + your front-end funnel). The ultimate goal is to break even on your ad spend and profit (with your front-end funnel and with your back-end followup sequence). Once your system spits out more than a dollar for every dollar you feed it, you can think about scaling and then you should buy bigger traffic packages.

We purchased a solo ad in the recent times from and Harshwardhan was very helpful, he provided a lot of great tips. His strategies work and he’s a pleasure to work with. If you haven’t tried his traffic yet, you should. Not just the traffic, he’s very helpful overall and your email ad campaigns will be a breeze with him.

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